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At a third of the price in just 10 days without the mess or renovation hassles

Introducing The Kitchen Makeover

Smart Makeover is the ultimate solution for revitalizing your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry space. Wondering if your kitchen or bathroom is suitable for a makeover? If your carcasses are in good condition or your bathroom’s structure is intact, Smart Makeover can work its magic. Our unique process modernizes your space, breathing new life into it, all while keeping the cost and time a fraction of what a full renovation would demand.
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How Kitchen Makeover is Smarter than Renovation

Choosing a kitchen makeover over a full renovation is undoubtedly a smarter choice for homeowners seeking a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-conscious transformation. With a makeover, you can preserve the structural integrity of your kitchen if the carcasses are in good condition, thus significantly reducing waste and environmental impact. 

Not only does this approach save you time and money, but it also provides the flexibility to customise your kitchen without the exhaustive expenses of a complete overhaul. 

Smart Makeover’s unique process modernises surfaces, fixtures, and more, breathing new life into your space at a fraction of the cost and time, ensuring both aesthetic and functional upgrades. 

So, when it comes to revitalising your kitchen, opting for a makeover is the smart and sustainable choice, leaving you with a space that’s as beautiful as it is eco-friendly.

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How to Transform a Dated Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry

at a third of the cost in just 10 days without the mess or renovation hassle.

Kitchen Makeovers

What is a Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen makeover is a cost-effective and efficient approach to revitalizing your kitchen’s appearance and functionality without the need for a full-scale renovation.

It typically involves making aesthetic improvements, such as updating the kitchen’s surfaces, fixtures, and sometimes even the layout, to create a more modern and appealing space.

Unlike a complete renovation, a kitchen makeover typically preserves the structural integrity of the existing kitchen, focusing on enhancements that can be made without extensive construction or major changes.

This approach is often chosen for its affordability, shorter timeline, and the ability to achieve a fresh, updated look without the expense and hassle of a full-scale renovation.

Kitchen makeovers are a popular choice for homeowners looking to transform their kitchen on a budget while still achieving a significant improvement in aesthetics and functionality.

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10 Day Makeover

Bathroom Makeovers

What is a Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom makeover is a process that involves updating and improving the appearance, functionality, and aesthetics of a bathroom without the need for a complete renovation.

It typically focuses on cosmetic and surface-level changes, such as replacing fixtures, tiles, countertops, and cabinetry, as well as improving lighting and other design elements.

Bathroom makeovers are chosen for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, as they allow homeowners to achieve a fresh, updated look and improved functionality without the time and expense associated with a full-scale bathroom renovation.

This approach is particularly popular for those looking to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their bathrooms within a budget and without the need for extensive construction or structural changes.

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Bathroom Renovation vs Makeover
Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom

Laundry Makeover

What is a Laundry Makeover

A laundry makeover is a process of enhancing and updating the appearance and functionality of a laundry room without the need for a complete renovation.

It typically involves making improvements to the laundry room’s surfaces, fixtures, storage, and organization systems to create a more modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Laundry makeovers are often chosen for their cost-effectiveness and the ability to breathe new life into an existing laundry area without the expense and disruption of a full renovation.

This approach allows homeowners to transform their laundry space, making it more functional and attractive while still keeping within budget constraints and saving time compared to a comprehensive remodeling project.

Modern Laundry
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Laundry Renovation vs Makeover
Modern Laundry Makeover
Modern Laundry Room


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your kitchen carcasses are in good condition or your bathroom’s structure not falling apart.

We use a unique process that keeps the base of the unit and treats the surface, fixtures  to modernise it and bring it to life again.
We do have a standard range of a modern product to use in our makeovers to keep the cost reasonable but we're also prepared to work with what you choose to use in your home makeover.
Yes, we can improve and facelift your kitchen, bathroom, laundry for a fraction of the cost to lead your sale to a smooth progress and fast selling status.
All of our products are brand new or restored to new and it comes with a 5 year warranty.
Smart makeover specialises in modifications, solutions, modernising, face lifting, resurfacing, remodelling, and much more.
No we don't, simply because we work with the existing kitchen and bathroom.
Yes, you will have access to your kitchen when our team leaves for the day and a limited access to your bathroom if you don't have a second bathroom.
Yes, our teams are fully qualified, licenced and covered with a public liability policy.
Yes, we offer a 20% discount (conditions apply).

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Successful Makeovers

Haren Jayasinghe
Haren Jayasinghe
I recently worked with Leon from Smart Makeover on the resurfacing of my kitchen and vanity doors & pannels in the bathrooms. Delighted with the results! Leon's excellent skills and efficient communication made the entire process easy and straightforward. He incorporated my preferences and completed the project in under 6 days. Leon exceeded our expectations, providing a stress-free experience. Smart Makeover's cost and quote were reasonable for the high-quality service and materials used. Highly recommend Leon and the team for their outstanding work. Attached are some pictures to showcase the exceptional outcome. Thank you, Leon, and the entire team, for a job well done!
Rebecca Roebuck
Rebecca Roebuck
I have worked with Leon on 2 major projects this year (bathroom, kitchen and living room) and to say I am delighted with the entire experience is an understatement. Leon is not only an expert at what he does by providing options and industry knowledge, he went above and beyond throughout both projects that it was a super easy and efficient process. Leon went above and beyond to ensure I got everything that I asked for and executed both projects within the requested time frame. I felt like I didn’t even have to lift a finger and my entire home was newly beautiful and renovated. He’s seriously the best in the business and I can’t wait to work on my next project with him, thank you for everything Leon. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to upgrade their home. Love your work!


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